Tuesday, May 1, 2012

League Of Legends Accounts:
Batch 1...(read desc)

This is just the beginning, we have a whole lot more accounts, just not enough time to make download links, stat-cards, and so on.
Here are 6 Accounts, Click on the picture to download the login details (user+pass) and click on the link below them for more stats and info about the account.

*Notice: All of these accounts are North American
**Notice: I have a new way to know if an account is taken,
if the link under the picture is
Red, the account is taken
if its Green, the account is not taken
*If the account is taken or not taken,  the red/green colour changes will happen automatically (5-10 mins) after you change the password of your hacked account.


Click Here To View More Stats on Wai

Click Here To View More Stats on Veak

Click Here To View More Stats on SIickEdge

Click Here To View More Stats on Puppies

Click Here To View More Stats on deadpix3l

Click Here To View More Stats on AznChipsAhoy

*5-6 Accounts will be released every week, 
     Next Account Release: June 9, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Me and a few of my friends hacked a few League Of Legend non-used accounts.

How do we know it's not used any more/ the owner quit?...
We check the Last Played date, if it has been more than a month or two since they last played a game we take the account, if they played recently we log off and never touch that account again.
Our Team's not THAT mean.

We will upload the account Stats,IP/RP,Champions,Win/Loss/Level in a nice and clean way, you can choose the account you want and download the login details.
Comeback later this week when we release our first batch of Free Accounts!

*Edit: Scroll Up For The Released Free Accounts